BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 8 Aug 2005


The administrator of the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) today announced that the main display area has been substantially completed.  Finishing touches are expected to be completed this week.  The display area includes not only the cataloged suspension insulators but also some other items that are yet to be added to the catalog.  These include a multiple bell Pinco suspension insulator, many substation posts, and several lightning arresters.


The remaining insulators that did not make the main display have been moved to the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Demonstration And Display Development Yard (BIGDADDY).  This area should provide safe storage out of the way of the grounds crew and opens back up the herb garden that had been the temporary storage area.  Now that all the spare insulators are safely out of the way the staff is expected to get started on construction of yard art examples for display.  The yard art construction is expected to be done in the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Maintenance And Manufacturing Area (BIGMAMA) which is also the home of the BIG IT department and grounds crew.


Unfortunately the first step of the administratorís funding plan failed when the first visitor forgot to bring their checkbook.  Further thought is being given to problem and it is hoped that a solution will be developed shortly.  The IT departmentís efforts to raise funds by selling off some used computers have been doing well.  This effort is expected to continue at a local flea market later this month.  The construction crew is hoping that this helps make more room in the BIGMAMA.


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