BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 15 Aug 2005


In an impromptu ceremony this weekend the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) held a christening of the main display.  The event came about as the construction crew was working on some yard art for the main display area.  They were in the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Maintenance And Manufacturing Area (BIGMAMA) and the temperature was going up so an idea to turn the bird bath into a wine bucket was tested.  The staff wasn’t really sure if galleries should be christened or if it was only galley type sailing ships that should be done to, but just to be safe they decided to do it anyway.  However, due to the low budget for stocking the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Annex Soda Shop (BIGASS), and since it is really a soda shop and not a bar (though that has been proposed as the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Bar And Grill (BIGBAG), but I digress), there was no bubbly in the wine cellar, only a bottle of Toad Hollow Chardonnay vintage 2003 (which was a very good year in Toad Hollow I understand, but I digress again).  And since the crew didn’t want to clean up broken glass or waste the good wine the bottle wasn’t smashed on the display, it was carefully opened and only a little bit splashed on the display accidentally. 


Following the ceremony the finance director thought of another use for the bird bath which could help refill the BIGASS wine cellar and came up with this sign.  He still thinks that a couple large donations can be obtained to finance an extended summer vacation for the staff, but hopes are waning. 


There were some moments of elation last week when an international publication ran a story about the gallery (The ARRL Contest Rate Sheet for August 10, 2005 which can be viewed at:  Well, maybe not a story, but at least a paragraph… well, not much of a paragraph, only 2 sentences, but it is a paragraph anyway.  The elation was quickly followed by cries of woe when the web site slowed to a crawl, but that is the price of fame on the information super highway these days.


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