BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 22 July 2005


The cornerstone of the Berkshire Insulator Gallery (BIG) was laid today to the delight of the on-looking crowd.  A reception followed the ceremony where refreshments were served and guests got to meet the gallery staff and construction crew. Construction of the main display area is progressing rapidly, but may be delayed by a crew needed to relocate some existing utilities in the area.


In a related engineering breakthrough, that for a change did not involve duct tape or use of a crescent hammer, the Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex  (BIGIDEA)  took a giant step toward early completion.  This new technique to mount insulators for easy installation and removal will greatly reduce construction time and effort.  The developer of the technique, who thought of it during the ground breaking cocktail party held in the future site of the BIGIDEA, commented that, and I quote, “I have been sooooo dummmmmb!”.  This was in reference to his past attempts at mounting insulators that resulted in lots of sawdust and not much else of any use.


The administrator of the BIG project has also announced a revolutionary funding method that, if it works, will guarantee free admission to the facility for all but one person per year.  The administrator says they just have to figure out how to get the first visitor to pay the $50,000 admission, and then everyone else can come in free.  If this works it will also greatly reduce operating costs as once the first visitor has paid the staff can go on vacation for the rest of the year.  Details were not available at press time.


The first permanent exhibit at the gallery has also been erected.  The sculpture was dubbed the ‘Totem Pole’ by an interested onlooker who was trying to borrow some gas for his lawnmower.  This object is not only a beautiful example of insulator art but a practical part of the facility as it will provide lighting for the parking lot.


Look for future announcements and a live webcam view of the construction site and temporary storage facility at, webcam 2 will normally show the storage facility and construction site.