BIG News Flash

Peru, Ma. - 25 July 2005


Thanks to the previously announced engineering breakthrough the construction team has finished the Berkshire Insulator Gallery Insulator Decorated Elevated Annex (BIGIDEA) well ahead of schedule and below cost.  The flexibility of this breakthrough technique allowed them to more than double the available display space in the annex.  It also increased the visual as well as environmental impact of the annex. 


The BIG administrator said the savings in cost and time will likely be used to get a head start on the soda shop.  The soda shop is being renamed to Berkshire Insulator Gallery Annex Soda Shop (BIGASS) as it is being moved to the BIGIDEA.  Renovations of the grill in the BIGIDEA are almost complete and a test run was successfully completed with a small group of invited guests over the weekend.  A temporary soda dispenser was used (top) for the test run because the permanent one had been delivered (bottom) but was not ready for use yet.  The cook said this was because of a shortage of ice due to the recent hot weather and only having 2 trays in the freezer.


The editor of “Geek Living” was in attendance and was impressed by the rapid progress that has been made.  He said the gallery would be a favorite candidate for some of their annual awards.  The categories the gallery might be nominated for were: “Best use of industrial material in outdoor decorating”, “Most innovative funding of a summer vacation”, “Longest use of power tools without serious injury”, and “Best use of garden tools for cleaning basements, shops, or bedrooms”.  The last one is for the innovative use of a shovel to remove the wood shavings and sawdust by the construction crew, avoiding problems normally caused by either a weed whacker or leaf blower.  The safety award is for the 250 table saw and 150 drill press operations completed without a single trip to the emergency room, which may be an all time record for the category.


Look for future announcements and a live webcam view of the construction site and temporary storage facility at, webcam 2 will normally show the storage facility and construction site.